Video Tutorials

The video tutorials provide hands-on simulation examples, across a wide variety of use cases. Where valuable, these tutorials will additionally cover supporting concepts, actual software delivery toolchain walkthroughs, and tips for leveraging the insights from simulations.

Automatic GitHub Releases with GitHub Actions

GitHub Releases help users quickly understand the latest versions of a library or application - what those versions are and what changes they contain. The creation of a GitHub Release can be automated with a simple GitHub Actions workflow, so that the versioning and changelogs require minimum developer effort. In this video, we discuss and demonstrate automated creation of GitHub Releases.

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Continuous Deployment of Static Websites with GitHub and Cloudflare

Together, GitHub and Cloudflare provide a simple and cost-effective way to serve and manage a static website. In this video, we publish a new website to the public internet, and setup configurations so that our website will automatically update when there are new code commits.

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From-Scratch Analytics Application with AWS Kinesis, AWS Redshift, and Retool

AWS Kinesis, AWS Redshift, and Retool provide an excellent foundation for simple analytics/intelligence/metrics applications. In this tutorial, we look at the manual creation of the required resources and Terraform-based provisioning.

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